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Transform Parenting Skills Into Essential Resources.

CRADLE Pregnancy Care Center offers comprehensive resources you will need for pregnancy through toddlers size 5T, free to those who participate in the Earn-While-You-Learn program.

Parenting Support That You Desire.

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Every parent should have access to quality resources. Our Maternity Resource Center ensures you have everything you need for a smooth parenting journey, from pregnancy to toddlerhood. By choosing CRADLE Pregnancy Care Center:

You receive free parenting education that allows you to earn baby bucks to spend on the maternity resources you need.

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You receive access to an extensive selection of pregnancy, nursing, baby, and toddler resources resources to help you along your journey.

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You receive access to tailored and personalized support to provide the peace of mind you desire.

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Cradle Pregnancy Care Center has a small Maternity Resource Center inside of our care center. We have a very large Maternity Resource Center located next door to CRADLE inside of Temple Baptist. The large Maternity Resource Center is like a department store.

Maternity Resource Center

Maternity Resources At Your Fingertips.

We understand that you may lack access to resources to effectively care for your care for your pregnancy, baby, or toddler. CRADLE Pregnancy Care Center has been serving our community for over 25 years. That’s why we are committed to providing you with easily accessible and quality resources.

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Your Pathway To Resources In 3 Steps:

contact us

1. Reach Out

Reach out to learn more about our Maternity Resource Center and register as a new client.

join program

2. Join Program

Every service is FREE and confidential to parents who join the EWYL program.

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3. Peace of Mind

Say goodbye to worrying about securing the essential resources you need to care for your baby or toddler.

CRADLE Baby Bucks Point System.

How It Works

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Baby bucks can only be used for the child/children you are pregnant with or have custody of.


The Baby Bucks Point System is designed to help meet the needs of expectant mothers and mothers of toddlers up to size 5T. You will earn Baby Bucks while learning practical parenting skills and child development information from pregnancy through the toddler years.


We also offer opportunities to grow spiritually through Bible studies and church attendance. Our clients are free to choose among any of the activities listed below. We have many beautiful new and gently used resources but because all items are donated, we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular item you may need.


Clients are encouraged to participate a minimum of twice a month and are asked to make every effort to keep appointments. Please plan to spend 45 minutes to one hour for each session and call ahead if you need to reschedule an appointment.

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How to Earn BB Points

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  • Register as a new client (10pts).

  • Watch a pregnancy/parenting education video (5pts).

  • Complete homework from a previous session (5pts).

  • Complete a Bible study and review in session (see Bible study list for point value).

  • Help Me Grow visit – with verification (5pts).

    • Only 1 HMG per week per child.

  • WELL-CHILD or prenatal doctor visit – with verification (5pts).

    • Must be turned in monthly; we cannot take verification over 30 days.

  • Church Attendance – with verification (5pts).

    • Up to 3 services/week; turned in within 30 days.

  • Pre-approved outside Community Resources – with verification (5pts each).

    • WIC Appointments.

    • Early Head Start Home Visits.

      • Only 1 per child per week.


If a client has not actively participated at CRADLE for 1 year, the

Baby Bucks will expire.

Items Offered

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Some of the items offered are:

new car seats, new highchairs, new cribs and mattresses, new or gently used strollers, swings, bouncy seats, play yards, clothes, coats, shoes in sizes preemie-5T, diapers, wipes, potty training pants, diaper creams, baby shampoo and lotion, bottles, blankets, bibs, and much more. If someone wishes to use their Baby Buck Points on a crib, crib mattress, highchair, and/or car seat, CRADLE will purchase these items new for our clients.


We have a new Maternity section that includes:

maternity clothes, dresses, pajamas, undergarments, belly supports, belly butters, pregnancy pillows, etc.


We have a new Nursing section that includes:

nursing clothes, dresses, pajamas, undergarments, breast pumps, breastmilk storage bags, nursing pillows, nursing pads, etc. We are currently offering baby formula, while supplies last.

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