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Comprehensive Services Tailored For Your Pregnancy.

CRADLE Pregnancy Care Center offers the Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program where you can learn valuable pregnancy and parenting skills while earning baby bucks.

Pregnancy and Parenting Can Bring Feelings of Uncertainty.

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We believe that no one should have to adventure through this new phase of life without the proper education and guidance. By choosing CRADLE Pregnancy Care Center, our EWYL program will ensure that:

You receive free parenting education that allow you to earn baby bucks to spend on the maternity resources you need.

You receive access to curriculum that is used by thousands of Pregnancy Resource Centers.

Every education session is tailored to your unique needs to help you become a good parent and raise a healthy, happy child.

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About The EWYL-Bright Course

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Pregnancy and the journey of parenthood are often filled with uncertainties. This program is designed to address your questions and alleviate your worries about becoming a new parent. Through "Earn While You Learn," you can accumulate Baby Bucks with each completed lesson, which can be used to obtain baby essentials from our Maternity Resource Center.

Many individuals aspire to become skilled parents and nurture a healthy, joyful child. Our center's dedicated staff is readily available to offer support and provide valuable resources during this period of transition and adjustment. The lessons are engaging and informative, making it enjoyable to acquire the skills needed to be the best parent possible!

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Expert Pregnancy Care In Three Steps:

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1. Reach Out

Reach out to see how we can assist you during and after your pregnancy.

EWYL Program

2. Join Program

All services are confidential and FREE to CRADLE clients who participate in our EWYL program.


3. Feel Supported

Feel relieved that you have someone you can count on in relation to your pregnancy.

Topics Covered In The EWYL Curriculum.


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First Trimester: Learn about prenatal care essentials, effective nutrition for you and your baby, your baby’s development, and what to expect during your first ultrasound.


Second Trimester: Learn about the various emotions felt during pregnancy, fostering a bond with your baby, and embracing your changing body.


Third Trimester: Learn how to effectively prepare for your baby’s arrival, the aspect of birth coaching, and learn tips about your growing belly.


Pregnancy Special Circumstances

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Breast Feeding: Learn about the benefits of breast feeding, the transition back to work, various alternatives such as formula feeding, and addressing breast feeding problems.


Infant Care: Learn how to set expectations for infants and the basics for infant hygiene.


Infant Medical Care: Learn about vital infant illnesses such as SIDS and how to handle illnesses and common accidents.


Infant Strategies: Stay informed about infant nutrition, how to manage a mobile infant, and how to address common sleep and crying patterns.


Mommy Strategies: Learn how to manage a career while caring for your newborn and discover the importance of maternal nutrition.

We Also Cover:

Infant Bonding

Infant Milestones

Labor and Delivery


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Toddler Parenting: Learn about strategies for managing sleeping routines, handling tantrums and crying episodes, and guiding your toddler through potty training.


Toddler Medical: Learn about combating common accidents and health concerns and strategies to keep your toddler safe such as toddler CPR.

We Also Cover:

Parenting Your Toddler's Heart

Toddler Milestones

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