Ways to Give

We want to make donating as easy as possible for those who want to support the ministry of CRADLE. Here are several ways you can give:
  • By Check: made payable and mailed to: CRADLE, 1112 Gallia St., Portsmouth, OH 45662
  • By Cash: given in person at the above address (hours: Tuesday -Thursday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • By encouraging your local church or organization to give directly to CRADLE
  • By inviting our Director to present to your church or organization (see Baby Bottle Boomerang below)
  • By donating cribs (new), clothes and equipment (new or in nearly-new condition)
  • By participating in one of our fundraising events, (see Events tab above for dates)
  • By using smile.amazon.com and selecting CRADLE Inc. as your charity of choice. At no cost to you, Amazon will donate a portion of eligible purchases to the ministry. Be sure to start at smile.amazon.com each time to qualify.

Baby Bottle Boomerang

Baby Bottle Boomerang is a fundraising campaign that allows individuals to give directly to CRADLE
by filling empty baby bottles full of coins, cash, or checks and then returning them to the Center. 
Bottles are normally distributed during a church service or Sunday school class by a church liaison
who will then collect the filled bottles after about 4-6 weeks.  It is important that all bottles are returned
(either full or empty) as they cost the center $1.20 to replace.

How do we let our congregation or civic group know about this?
Bulletin announcements several weeks before the campaign are very helpful in announcing the upcoming campaign.  Custom made bulletin inserts can be created for your congregation to copy (or we can copy) to announce the program before and during bottle distribution.  We only need start/end dates and the name of your designated liaison.  Your pastor may also want to make an announcement from the pulpit several times before the campaign begins.

CRADLE's Director is also available to give a brief 5-10 minute presentation during your service or small group meeting. 

Will this campaign take away funds from other projects?
We have found that in the congregations where we have presented the ministry of CRADLE, people are so excited to get their families involved in giving to a local missions outreach.  The funds they give come from change, cash and sometimes one-time gifts -- averaging $10 per person/family. We believe strongly that gifts to CRADLE should not take the place of an individual's regular giving to his/her local church.  When everyone gives a little, a lot is accomplished for the Lord.

Will we be able to find out how much was raised for CRADLE?
Yes! We keep track of every penny that comes in from your congregation or group and report back within a week or two with a thank you letter.  This is usually read from the pulpit or announced in the bulletin so that your congregation can rejoice with us on how, as a body, they were able to help the ministry of CRADLE.

What is the insert in the Bottle?
The insert is a donation form for those who would like to receive a receipt for their donation -- or would like to give a gift in honor of a loved one.  In this case, if an address is included, we will send a card saying that a gift was donated in that person's honor.